Will It Hurt?

We can say it’snot exactly an enjoyable feeling but we offer and retail No Scream Cream which can reduce the pain factor by up to 80% This cream is safe to use even in the most sensitive areas. However do not use if you are allergic to Benzocaine, Lidocaine, Novacaine, etc

What about ingrown hairs?

Ingrowns tend to occur when hair is removed and is growing back. People tend to get more when they shave an area because the hair is bluntly cut making the edge sharper when it grows back. As it grows, hair can tend to curl back towards the skin causing it to pierce the skin and then skin grows back on top. We retail products to help prevent this from happening and we advise you on proper skin care post wax so that you can have the most enjoyable experience possible.

Will my hair itch as it grows back?

Unlike shaving which cuts the hair off that’s above the skin, waxing removes the hair from the root. It is because of this that hair grows in as if it had naturally shed and therefore does not incur unusual itching.

Won’t the hair grow back thicker?

Absolutely not! That is an old wives tale. Actually the more you wax the finer the hair grows back.

How long will it last?

Well this part totally depends on you and your growth cycle. Typically we see clients every 3-4 weeks. There are some that we see sooner and some later. You will have better overall results if you get on a schedule and stick with it. Hair has three stages and the sooner we get all the hair the is being removed on the same stage, the better and easier waxing becomes.

How sanitary is waxing?

We can only speak for FY Beauty. We are very hygienic and NEVER double dip a used wax stick back into the wax. We sanitize our tweezers and scissors in a State Board approved solution. We sanitize our bed and chairs as well as our prepping solutions. We use disposables wherever it is possible. We take our health and our clients health very seriously.

What is hard and soft wax?

Hard wax is wax that does not need a strip to remove. It serves as its own strip. It basically vacuum seals around the hair and does not adhere to the skin. Soft wax requires a strip to remove. It stays soft no matter how long it sits. Both are melted to a temperature that is not too hot to cause client discomfort. At FY Beauty we tend to use mainly hard wax as it is more delicate on sensitive skin. There are situations where a soft wax is needed.

Help! I’m extra sensitive today.

We have found that getting a wax a few days before and after your menstrual cycle leads to more sensitivity to pain than usual. Try to schedule around this and you will be fine! If it is unavoidable be sure you use your No Scream Cream to ease the pain.