Your Gym Bag’s Glam Bag

Of course the theme every January is New Year New You! I’m all for it. In fact it’s a great measuring point from where/what you did the previous year to what you plan for this year! Every year people want to get in shape and I’m no exception to this rule.

In my gym bag are the workout essentials but if you work out before heading to work you need to pack some beauty essentials! For a quick clean easy look keep concealer, lip stick and/or gloss, liner and mascara.

Lining your eyes as close to the lash line as possible and then topping it off with mascara defines your eyes and makes your lashes appear fuller. Concealer of course will brighten up your skin and help erase the look of being tired. Finally the lips are the fasted and easiest ways to give your face a refreshing pop of color! And just like that you are ready to face the day!


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